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The Seaside Regional Park

The Seaside Regional Park is governmentally protected territory of the Lithuanian seaside from Klaipeda city to Old Palanga. The Park takes up 5033 ha in overland and 30 km in the water area of the sea. The Lithuanian continental seaside track is not long but there are plenty of wonderful places where people cut themselves from the daily life in city, like to have a rest and spend their leisure. The highest commission of Lithuania Republic established Seaside (Karkle) Regional Park on 24th of September, 1992 in order to protect beautiful landscapes of the seaside, natural and cultural values, biological Baltic Sea diversity, re-establish destroyed or broken natural and cultural vales, and in the same time make conditions for cognitive tourism and lounge development.

In the park there are situated nature reserve of Placis lake, Olando cap, Nemirseta and Saipiai landscape, Karkle botanical, Kalote botanical-zoological, Karkle telasological (sea) and Karkle ethno cultural reserves, recreational and agro territories.